Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2014

Little Britain Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends
Eastland and Little Britain Preparative Meetings
Spiritual State of the Meeting Report

Our meetings have prayerfully considered the Queries proposed by Baltimore Yearly Meeting’s committee on Ministry and Pastoral Care regarding Harmony, Diversity and Community in our Meeting.

Little Britain Monthly Meeting has 2 Preparative Meetings that meet at Eastland and Penn Hill Meetinghouses. We also meet once a year at Drumore meetinghouse, a laid down meeting that was once part of Little Britain Monthly Meeting. We also care for the meetinghouse and cemetery at Ballance Meeting. Both of our meetings are dwindling in size and our members find themselves challenged at many levels.

We welcome visitors and would like to attract more attenders. We have been challenged with making ourselves more visible to seekers and are beginning to work toward an increased presence online. Modern technology has been slowly growing in use among our members and we now feel we are able to consistently maintain a Meeting Web presence. Penn Hill Meeting will be hosting a monthly open house following Meeting for Worship on the 4th Sunday of the month with a banner display in front of the meetinghouse. Eastland is not on a major road and is not as visible to passing traffic, but we did get an address this year so GPS works better in locating the meetinghouse and we have updated meeting contact info for Quakerfinder.org.

House and grounds issues consume large amounts of time and energy for our small meetings. Eastland has lost 2 of our dear members that were long time trustees and committed to the care of our meetinghouse. Penn Hill has struggled with maintaining a spiritual focus while managing the loss of caretaker and changes in grounds maintenance. Work days at Ballance Meeting have given us an opportunity to share work, history and skills with other members of our Quarter that also struggle with maintaining laid down meetings.

Finding the Spiritual leadings in among the mundane of daily cares and issues that are laid upon us is an ongoing struggle for all of us. Our members and attenders strive to take the Spirit of themselves into their jobs, volunteer activities and their presence in the community and feel the need to be more aware of opportunities in our immediate community interactions. Members of the Monthly Meeting continue to feed their spirits by actively participating in Quarterly Meetings, on Yearly Meeting Committees and by attending Yearly Meeting Interim and Annual Sessions. We continue to encourage Linda Coates as she is led to travel as part of Baltimore Yearly Meeting Intervisitation Program. She has helped us to be more aware of the wider community of Friends; their struggles, celebrations and how the Spirit is moving among them. The Quaker Sewing Ladies continue to meet regularly to sew lap covers and walker bags for Conestoga View Nursing Home. George Fox Friends School is supported by two members on their Board of Trustees as well as regular donations and support for their activities and fundraisers.
We find joy in the fellowship and community among our Members and attenders. The sharing of ideas, stimulating discussion around our bible study, social issues, and the divergent views of our varied participants encourage us on a weekly basis.

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